In-Service Trainingof Teachers at FDRC

Administrative guidelines for the teachers detailed toattend In-Service Trg at FacultyDevelopment & Research Centre (FDRC)near APS Shankar Vihar are as under :-

  1. The participating teachers are requiredto reach FDRC one day prior tothe scheduled date of workshop so as toreach FDRC during day light hours. Theymust get their seats reserved accordingly. To interact with a teacher already attended wksp at FDRC.
  2. The participants will be relieved onlyafter 1800 hrs on the concluding day of the wksp. The return journey reservation should not bedone earlier to 2000 hrs.
  3. Thehostel is 700 meters away from the Academic Wing and the teachers would need towalk to & fro twice a day. Henceteachers to carry foot wear accordingly. Also to carry Sport Kit/Track Suit etc as there will be Yoga Classes inthe morning.
  4. To be prepared professionally. HR Form+ 1 pp photo to be depositedto FDRC.
  5. Not tocarry any valuables/ jewelry etc
  6. Theparticipants to make own arrangements (Auto/Taxi) from Rly Stn Delhi to reachFDRC. The fare of the same will be paid by the school as per para 169 of AWESRules.
  7. Tele Nos of FDRC : Reception-011-26151542,64, 69 Estate Manager- 09718660616
  8. Participantsare not permitted to take children/dependents/Ayah/Sahayak along them to FDRC. Also not permitted to stay outside. (Pl seeadm instrs on AWES website)
  9. Totake the briefing from the Principal before leaving for FDRC.

Actions onarrival at FDRC Hostel

  1. Reportto reception, deposit movement order and do necessarydocumentation.
  2. Collectthe keys of room allotted and check items in the room as per room inventorydisplayed. Deficiency, if any be brought to the notice of reception beforeoccupying.
  3. Depositcheque for Rs 3750/- to cover expenses (Accn + Messing + Tpt + FDRC) for fivedays stay at FDRC Hostel. Cheque of Rs 3750/-to be collected from the school, for which advance intimation to be given toAccts Section.
  4. Mealswill be served as per the timings displayed in the dining hall only. Chappal,slippers, sandals, tuck out shirts/kurta pyjama for gents are prohibited whileentering Dining Hall/Longue and the Class Room.
  5. Tobe properly turned out while moving out of the room. To be in sari on the firstday for group photograph. Also to carry one coloured PP size photograph for HRform at FDRC.
  6. Code.Smoking and consumption of alcohol are strictly prohibited in the FDRCHostel/Campus. To be properly dressed while going to Class Room. Jeans is notpermitted. No male teacher to attend class without shave.

Actions atthe time of leaving FDRC

  1. Getthe room checked by the Estate Manager/Room In-charge and handover keys at reception.
  2. Finallysettle mess bill against advance deposited and collect movement order.
  3. To be present in the lobby as perdeparture time.
  4. Schoolbus will be available at FDRC for Old Delhi Rly Stn via New Delhi & HazaratNizamuddin Rly Stns.
  5. TA/DAwill be claimed on arrival to school in accordance with article 169 of AWESRules & Regulations